Teacher Voice Anthology

In 2019, Malarkey Books and Mythic Picnic will publish Teacher Voice, an anthology of writing by teachers. It doesn’t matter what subject you teach or at what level (K-12, college, preschool, etc.), if you are a writer and a teacher, you are encouraged to send us something. We are open to all forms and lengths. There is no word length for prose. If you send poetry, send roughly four to ten pieces, depending on length.

Simultaneous subs are cool and please withdraw in a timely fashion if your work gets accepted elsewhere. Previously published pieces are fine as long as you have the rights.

Selected writers will receive one free copy of the printed book and be able to buy more at cost if desired. Selected writers will also be paid $50 and a share of the profits. Half the profits will be split evenly among the writers.

We will consider all submissions sent in March 2019. Work that is not selected for the anthology may still be considered, at a different payment rate, for one of our other projects or publication on our website. 

Teacher Voice will most likely be published through Ingram’s print-on-demand service. We will also offer a PDF version on our website and an ebook version on Smashwords.

Every story will be read by DeMisty D. Bellinger, Sheila Salaneck, and Alan Good, who will try very hard to respond in a timely manner.

If you are interested in having your work considered, please send:

  • Your story, essay, or poems

  • Your bio (no more than 250 words)

  • Some information about your teaching career: you don’t have to provide the name of your current school if you don’t want that information published, but some basic information

  • Your name as you’d want it printed, a reliable email address, and a word count

  • all of this stuff should be pasted in an email (no attachments please)

If your work has special formatting, feel free to make a note about it. We don’t have automated replies set up. We will respond to all submissions in April 2019. If you have any questions or need to withdraw your work, email us. 

Selected stories will be lightly edited to correct obvious mistakes and conform to house style. Stories will belong to the individual authors; all we need is one-time rights.

We anticipate a high volume of submissions, and we suspect the number one reason for not being able to accept submitted work will be our budget. We will take as many pieces as we can, as well as try to select some pieces that don’t fit in the anthology in one of our magazines or on our website, but we also know we won’t have the money to accept everything we want to accept. In any case, if we’re not able to use your work we will be nice and polite about it.

We know there are a lot of publishers out there and it’s unreasonable for them all to say “familiarize yourself with our magazine and buy a back issue before submitting.” So you’re welcome to send something even if you’re not that familiar with us. You’re also not expected to buy anything in order to be considered. 

We don’t have strict genre restrictions. We aim to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, but please note that Malarkey Books is ardently pro-swearing and we as ardently oppose racism, fascism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and all that stuff.

Whenever you’re ready, email your entry to malarkeyeditors@protonmail.com. Please put Teacher Voice and the title of your submission in the subject line, and please please please don’t send attachments. Thanks!