Derelict Vol. 1 contains work from six writers from our Derelict Lit project, where we reprint writing that was published in litmags that have gone defunct and no longer have working websites. Profits from this zine go to  


Emma Sloley

Jacquelyn Bengfort

Joey Poole

C.C. Russell

Jenna Vélez

Benjamin Smith

The incredible cover was created by Jacquelyn Bengfort.

Derelict Vol. 1—PDF

Publishing a PDF allows us to control our content, avoid doing business with Amazon, and keep more of the proceeds from sales, which in this case means allowing us to send more of those proceeds to There are several apps and methods you can use to convert a PDF into an ePub document that can be read by your device. This article covers a few:

You can also buy the PDF and print it on your own. You can make your own zine by printing a booklet:

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In association with Mythic Picnic (@MythicPicnic on Twitter), Malarkey Books has published its first zine, Derelict Vol. 1, featuring fiction and poetry by Emma Sloley, Jacquelyn Bengfort, Joey Poole, C.C. Russell, Jenna Vélez, and Benjamin Smith. All of the work in this zine is previously published, but the original publishers are all defunct, their websites no longer online.

Profits from this project are being donated to 350 dot org to combat climate change.

Shipping: If you select “Magazine,” $1.42 will be added for shipping. Our unit cost is $2.80. You can get it shipped for free, but we’ll have to take our shipping cost out of the payment before we pass on a donation to 350.

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