Episode 17: Civility

"Wuddup cuckboy."


"Fucking libtards. Y'all're a bunch of pedo scumbag babykillers. You used to be intelligent but then you aligned yourself with the forces of evil and tax slavery and political correctness. You got no balls now, snowflake soy boy. No balls. Hey, you want a drink of my coffee. See, it's really coffee but my coffee cup says 'Liberal tears' on it so it looks like I made you pussies cry and now I'm drinking your tears but like I said it's actually coffee. You want to hang out or do you need to go to your safe space?"

"Shut the fuck up, bitch."


"I said shut the fuck up, you fucking climate-change-denying, immigrant-bashing, separating-families-and-putting-kids-in-cages-supporting, disinformation-spreading, bullshit-believing, discrimination-loving, voter-suppressing, worker-hating, slavery-nostalgizing, pollution-loving, plutocrat-worshipping, cop-ass-kissing, authoritarian-leaning, gun-humping, dumb-as-fuck, shit-eating, racist, sexist, homophobic, disingenuous-ass motherfucker. I'm tired of your bullshit and I'm embarrassed to live on the same planet as you."

"You know, when you call names, it really, really hurts my feelings. What ever happened to civility?"

©Alan Good 2018