Episode 9: Anti(fa)climactic

"You remember that guy Patrick from school?"


"Heard he's antifa now and I'm gonna kick his ass."

"Pretty sure he doesn't live around here anymore."

"If you see him tell him I'm gonna kick his ass at four o'clock."

"OK, but I think he moved to Canada because this country's one dip in the stock markets away from being the Hunger Games."

"If he even has the guts to fight me. Pussy."


"Just like I thought he didn't have the guts to show up and fight me. All these antifa cucks are pussies."

"Actually I called his mom. Turns out he's an astronaut and he's on the International Space Station. He's not even on the planet, Bo, so I hardly think—"

"Yeah, what a pussy. I just owned the fuck outta that pustard!”