Episode 8: Knee Jerk

"So mad. I'm jest SO MAD."

"It's just a flag. A piece of cloth that was probably made in China."

"No it's more than 'just a flag.' It's a symbol of everything good about this country. Of everything I believe in. Of everything that makes this country great."

"OK, but someone kneeling instead of standing isn't really disrespectful."

"You think this is about kneeling? Believe me, I like to see black men on their knees. I'd rather see the cheerleaders on their knees but that's a different story!"

"So what are you actually so mad about?"

"America was built on the subjugation, exploitation, and destruction of black bodies and when you turn around and say those bodies have value, they're not just things to be fetishized but ultimately used and discarded without mercy, or ambulatory backstops for cops' bullets, then you dishonor the flag and all the veterans who fought to defend it."

"Including black veterans."

"Libtard please."