Episode 6: The Echo Chamber of Horrors

"Same old shit. Same old shit. Trump is a threat to democracy. Trump is a threat to the planet. Global warming. Women's rights. Human rights? Immigrant rights. Bringing back torture. Putin. Bankruptcy. Grabbin' em by the pussy. Blah blah blibbety doo. This is the problem with you libtards. You get all your facts from the same biased sources. You live in a bubble. You just pick up stuff from the left-wing echo chamber and repeat it like it's a known fact when it's always a bunch of shit."

"Left-wing echo chamber. You know where you got that phrase 'left-wing echo chamber?' The fucking right-wing echo chamber."

"No I didn't, I heard it on Alex Jones."

"Who is one of the loudest voices in the right-wing echo chamber."

"Whore's shit."

"I'm sorry, did you just say 'whore's shit?'"

"Whore's shit. Whore's shit whore's shit whore's shit."

"OK it's horseshit. Horse. Shit."

"You know what? There's another kind of chamber I'd like to put you in."

"You're going to say gas chamber aren't you?"

"Gas chamber."

"Do you ever wonder why people say—"

"Jew-S-A! Jew-S-A! Jew-S-A!"