Episode 10: Anti-Semantics

"I ain't racist. I'm tired of y'all libcunts telling me I'm racist. I ain't fucking racist, I just want people who come to this country to follow the LAWS of this country. Is that too fucking much to ask?"

"Sort of like how some people want men to follow the laws around sexual consent before they go touching people's genitals?"

"Goddamnit that's different. That's the trouble with you libronis, you take everything literally. You're obsessed with words and what they mean when Real Americans usually just use words to disguise our true feelings."

"Like when you say you want religious liberty but really you want religious rule?"

"Righto progtard. All of a sudden you're paying attention. I just say I want immigrants to follow our laws because I don't want to sound racist. I'm a Republican, which is code for Anarcho-Capitalist, so I only care about laws when it's convenient for me to do so and pussy-grabbing laws are inconvenient for me. Otherwise how would I ever get any pussy? Think, libhole! Laws to keep inferior races out of my country—good. Laws about whose pussies I can grab and when—bad, bad, and intrusive as fuck. Treading the fuck out of my rights."

"Your rights to just assault whomever you want?"

"There you go again, twisting my words. Putting words in my mouth. I never said 'assault.' I don't even believe in sexual assault."

"Jesus fuck. So you are racist?"

"What? Are you slow? I just said I ain't racist. Listen to my damn words, cunt-tard. Stop trying to read deeper meanings into what I say, broflake, cuz I'm a straight-talker and I say what I mean and I mean what I say and I just fucking said I ain't racist, it's like we don't even speak the same language.”