Episode 18: Both Sides Need to Tone Down the Rhetoric

“We don’t agree on much, Bo—"

“That ain’t true!”

“But at least we can agree that whoever is mailing out these pipe bombs and sending them to prominent Democrats and critics of the president is a piece of shit.”

“Sure, sure, on that we can definitely agree. As long as this alleged piece of shit turns out to be a Democrat running a false flag operation designed to make Republicans look bad.”

“Um, in that rather improbable scenario, yes, that person would be a total piece of shit.”

“Glad we see eye to eye on that one. Good job on closing your liberal empathy gap you disgusting, subhuman commie.”

“And in the less farfetched version in which the perpetrator is some magaheaded Trump fanboy?”

“Huh? What’s your question? Did you ask a question?”

“If the magabomber is a Republican, what do we think of him?”