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Annual Subscriptions

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Art by Katy Telling

Subscribers will receive a special monthly newsletter filled with humor, announcements, embarrassing stories from the editor’ childhoods, or, if we’re feeling lazy, pictures of our pets. It’s a surprise anyway. Malarkey Books is committed to paying writers (and we also have to pay for this website, buy books for ourselves, pay for student loans, beer, etc.), and your subscriptions are about the only things that will allow us to do it.

You also get ten percent off in the Malarkey bookstore.

Note: when we get some more subscriptions we might upgrade to a website plan that offers subscription management, for the sake of convenience. For now it’s an honor system thing and you can renew your subscription whenever you feel like it. We won’t send those annoying “RENEW OR THE WORLD WILL END” letters.

You can also subscribe via PayPal and choose your own price. We’re at

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