"Under a Spell" by Dan Mosley

Dan Mosley

We met at Steak ‘n Shake both fried
Out of our minds, and I could swear
My menu turned into a mage.
It cast sweet spells that flung the salt
Into my eyes. I spilled my drink
On your new shirt and you still laughed.

We had to find a place to hide
Before the menu mage could share
Its spells with you. I tore a page
Right out as we somehow pole vaulted
Into the stalls. You used the sink
To turn your shirt into a raft.

In that weird ass moment, I tried
To figure out what’s real and where
The night would end for these two sage
Muggles. The world was by default
Spinning mad, and I felt in sync
With you as if by witchcraft.

Editor’s Note: Dan Mosley is a poet, filmmaker, and comedian who sent me a bio that for some reason, doesn’t include his name.  I’ve chosen to publish it as is here:

Hello! Fancy meeting you here, in my bio. So you want to know things about me, do ya? Well, I would call myself somewhat of a filmmaker/funnyman (if that’s not too forward), but in a different way, I would say I’m a poet (as there is a poem that I wrote in this thingy). As it so happens, I actually wrote that poem for you, darling. Yeah, you. Let’s get to know each other a little. What do you do? Please write in your response here: _________________________. Ah, I like that. I have always wanted to do that. Maybe we could do it together, just you and me. I’m free next week, how does Tuesday sound? Please write your number here: _____________________. Cool, I’ll put you in my contacts as “Smokin’ Hot Person” as I don’t know nor care about your name. See you soon! XOXO -Dan

P.S. I have a youtube channel, Mosleyfilms. And I guess I have an Instagram, @dannymoze, but just wait for me to text you instead of following either of those. After all, I do have your number.

“Under a Spell” appears in Beer Money No. 1.

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