The War on Xmas (Signed)

The War on Xmas (Signed)

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Warning: if you add this product to your cart and pay for it you will receive a signed copy of The War on Xmas, a collection of short stories written by Alan Good. What would your life coach tell you to do?

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Until the end of the trump presidency, Malarkey Books is donating all profits from copies of The War on Xmas sold through our website to RAICES.

The War on Xmas contains nine stories, six of which are previously published. Unfortunately, three of the original publishers are other defunct or dealing with website difficulties, so only three of the stories are available online at the moment.

Doppelbanger, published in Perversion Magazine (website defunct)
SuperChad, published in The East Bay Review (this website was hacked but is currently being restored)
Paris (When I Die), published in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
The Viscous Cycle, published in Red Fez
In the Penile Colony, published in Word Riot (defunct)
One Man’s Trailer Trash, published in Red Fez
The Magic Member