No. 10


Embody all the worst aspects of the internet. Invest in aviator sunglasses.

So Simon and Schuster pulled his book—not before they gave him a $250,000 advance, certainly not Obama-level money, but how many real writers get anything close to a quarter million dollars in their advances? Milo Yiannopoulos was probably not going to get any more money out of S & S anyway. There are a lot of racist pieces of shit in this country, but I don't know if there are enough of them to sell $250,000 worth of books. Theoretically, yes, there are enough, but are there enough racist pieces of shit that actually buy books?

After getting dropped by his publisher, whom he is suing for $10 million (you should be noticing a pattern: a guy who is not funny or talented or insightful finds a lot of ways to get people to pay him a lot of money because he excels at self-promotion), he turned around and self-published Dangerous, which, if I remember correctly, he had originally wanted to call Dangerous Faggot. Mr. Free Speech Fundamentalist could have reverted to the original title once he was free of the tyranny of mainstream publishing but chose not to. People who hate him were glad when his publisher dropped him; they laughed because a couple reviewers said his book was boring and because he over-stated how many copies of the book he sold after he self-published, but they're missing the point: he's probably making more money now than he would have if Simon and Schuster had not canceled publication of his book, since all the money would have gone back to the publisher to cover the advance, and now he gets to keep the profits from his book, which shot to the top of the Amazon best-seller list after the nightmare in Charlottesville. Milo Yiannoppoulos, maybe more than Donald Trump, has found a way to capitalize off of right-wing terrorist incidents and attacks.

I hate Milo as much as most people do, but I can't help but be extremely fucking jealous of his money. I was also forced to self-publish my book, since the publishing industry is prejudiced against writers who are not racist, self-aggrandizing jerkoffs who spend too much money on hair products. The publishing industry is prejudiced against writers who are just writers and not celebrities; even z-level celebrities, as we're learning, get book deals. The people who are making fun of him for overstating his sales are still understating his sales. This is from Newsweek, an article published back in July: "A mere 10,677 copies were sold across the U.S. last week, according to figures from the Nielsen BookScan." If I sold a mere ten thousand copies of my book, I'd have more than $40,000 more than I have right now. Those are very good numbers for a self-published book, probably impressive enough to persuade a mainstream publisher to take another chance on a misunderstood alt-supremacist.

The moral, I guess, is it pays to be an asshole. Fuck you, Milo. Fuck you Simon and Schuster.

Update, December 27, 2017: Simon & Schuster, as a Christmas present to humanity (that does not atone them for almost publishing this trash in the first place, has submitted to a court in New York Milo's manuscript with notes from the editor's. This is part of Milo's attention-seeking lawsuit, brought against them in response to their decision to cancel his book deal. It appears from their cancelation letter that Milo ended up with $80,000 of the $250,000 advance. I'm sort of grateful I don't have time to read the full manuscript and write some sort of review/essay about it, but if you have time, or if you just want to laugh at the editor's comments, the manuscript can be accessed here: Milo, you're a fucking joke.