No 18

Possibly the most annoying book ever published!

Possibly the most annoying book ever published!

Change your sinful, pagan ways, and do it in public. People so desperate to have an intellectual behind them will buy your book in bulk.

I don't get C.S. Lewis. I never read the Narnia books; I tried to watch one of the movies. I failed. I haven't read The Screwtape Letters. I've browsed Mere Christianity. It's got some funny parts, but Lewis's approach to satire is too brutal even for me. If he's posing as a convert to Christianity, the book is insulting to Christians in ways I would never attempt because for all my discomfort with and occasional disdain for religion I do respect genuine faith and people who are inspired to do good in the world because of it; if his arguments are meant to be taken seriously, then Mere Christianity has got to be one of the weakest books ever written by someone we're supposed to regard as intelligent.

I normally believe you should read a book before you try to make grand claims about it, but if growing up Catholic taught me anything it's that there's always a loophole. And if people can call themselves Christians without reading the Bible or even attempting to follow Jesus's teaching, I can say, without having completed it, that Mere Christianity is a stale load of shit covered in moldy vomit sauce with a side of overdone donkey balls.

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