No. 21


I don't have a sarcastic tip for this one. Sometimes a thing can be too sad for jokes, too absurd for satire. Nightmares beget nightmares. Her nightmare ended; ours is just beginning. There's no way for us to divorce Donald Trump. We can only survive him.

Ivana Trump, who has a new book out, has written several books. The one in the picture was published by Pocket Books, a division of good old Simon and Schuster. Having published novels, self-help, and memoir, Ivana Trump seems to change genres like her ex-husband changes wives. I don't like that joke. I don't like jokes about Ivana Trump, maybe because all I can think of when I hear her name is the allegation of rape she made against Donald Trump. She semi-retracted  the allegation later, spinning it to suggest that she had felt raped metaphorically but not raped in a criminal sense. Did she change her statement as part of a divorce agreement? I don't know. All that shit is sealed up and she's not allowed to talk about her divorce. 

I will never read her new book. I hate that it exists. However, I'm not willing to criticize Ivana Trump for cashing in, even now. She got to be fancy, she got to pal around with famous people and spend a lot of money, but she was also married to Donald Trump. That was her choice, sure, but it was also her curse.

©Alan Good 2017