Fuck Content, Read Fiction. You Could Start Here:

Sometimes my stories get published in obscure literary magazines. When that happens, I try to read the work of the other writers who are published in the issue in which my story appears. I know this can sound horrible, but sometimes when I read one of those stories I think, "How the fuck did this get accepted?"* That didn't happen with Joey R. Poole. Last year, we had stories published in the same issue of Perversion Magazine, which is how we became internet acquaintances. I've had the pleasure of reading a few of his stories. My stalkers will recognize his name from the excellent review he wrote of my book, but I'm not promoting his work now out of reciprocation. He's a legit writer and you should all read this fucking story. Do it!

*Only sometimes. More frequently, I'm pleased to discover new talented writers. There's a whole mess of them on the internet just waiting for readers. Studies show that your lives will be richer and more fulfilling if you consume less content and read more poetry and fiction. I recommend you start with "The Ballad of Natsumi-Lynn."