About Derelict Lit 

Derelict Lit exists to republish writing that is hard to find because the original publisher is defunct. No restrictions on form, genre, or word limit. Send prose to Alan Good at malarkeybooks@protonmail.com. Send poetry To DeMisty D. Bellinger at DeMisty@protonmail.com.

What to include in your email:

  1. Your story, essay, or poem, copied into the email, not as an attachment please

  2. Original publication date and publisher

  3. Your bio

  4. Link to your website, if you have one and want us to include it

  5. Your twitter or whatever if you want it included

  6. Links to your books, if applicable

  7. Any links to your other published writing you’d like us to include under your bio

  8. Your author photo if you want us to include it

  9. A note whether you want comments on or off (default is off)

  10. Any brief notes you feel are important related to formatting

We’ll correct obvious typos, but we won’t be running around editing the fire out of your stuff. We will probably insert a black line in any unmarked section breaks. If you want to do us a big favor, please make sure you have only one space between sentences. We are fairly friendly, and please do let us know in a friendly way if it looks like we made a mistake or something and we’ll try to fix it.

While our goal is to republish work from a wide variety of forms and genres, we cannot guarantee acceptance.

If we reprint your work, the work remains yours. We don’t claim any rights to it other than the right to have it on our site. You’re free to ask us to remove it any point as well.