11/10/09 – Minneapolis airport, 12:30 local time, C.C. Russell

C.C. Russell

This piece was originally published in Thickjam.

     Burger for breakfast. The beer is cold. My waitress places her hands to the sides of her head like she is lifting something fragile. She does this and sighs. Everything on the high definition television so very very ultra real. –Flooding in western Washington. –Suicide attack in a market in Afghanistan, it gets a text blurb while they talk about our own failing economy. Whoever is typing the closed-captioning mistypes ‘school’ as ‘skol.’

     My waitress decides that it is a morning worth dancing to as some R&B tune takes over the place, her backside swaying. Carrying the trays of drinks, not spilling a drop despite her shimmy, Chili’s lanyard in her back pocket flying into its own interpretive dance.

     On the television, they are shaking their pom-poms. On the television, they are shaking their fists. Their hips, their heads. All of this conjoined motion. All of this happiness, uncontained.

     The radio plays on with its refrain of love. The waitress dances with complete and total abandon. Right now, who cares if all of this is intentional, if everything is manufactured?

C.C. Russell has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction here and there across the web and in print. You can find his words in such places as Split Lip Magazine, The Colorado Review, and the anthology Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone. He currently resides in Wyoming where he sometimes stares at the mountains when he should be writing. He can be found on Twitter: @c_c_russell.

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